Synthetic Weave and Fibre

The synthetic PE fibres, such as Rehau Polyethylene and Viro, used in Australis Leisure outdoor furniture are specifically designed for outdoor use. These fibres are weatherproof and extremely durable. The material is also resistant to UV rays, salt and chlorine water, as well as body lotions and stains. Although the weave may soften slightly in direct sunlight, this will not result in any damage to the furniture or the fibre, and it will simply contract again when it cools. The weave requires no special treatment other than an occasional clean with soapy water, as required.

In Australis Leisure range the only maintenance required for the synthetic fibre is an annual clean to get rid of dust and environmental debris (oils, damp) that can be trapped in the mesh or braiding. Wipe it gently with a soft sponge and rinse with water.

Rinsing the synthetic fibre with pressurized water provides better results.

It is advisable to clean the synthetic fiber before storing it for the winter and at the beginning of its season of regular use.


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